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Abimbola Oki: I enjoy cooking for people and getting positive feedback

Abimbola Oki is the founder of D’Potters Catering Services, a food-catering outfit that has taken the cooking stress off thousands of individuals and groups. She is one of the most sought-after caterers in Nigeria, catering for several top events, and using social media to showcase the beauty of cooking.

The graduate of Estate Management from the University of Lagos decided to turn her passion into a corporate business by aiming to provide healthy and delicious meals for busy people, thus satisfying their cravings at affordable prices with poise for prompt delivery. Her mission is to provide an amazing food experience for everyone irrespective of their status, tribe, pocket, and taste. She has worked with companies like BUA Group, Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce, Rand Merchant Bank, and Stanbic IBTC to mention a few.

Married to Olusegun Oki with two lovely children, in this interview with ESTHER IJEWERE, Abimbola who loves to travel and try new adventures with her family, shares her experience and motivation behind her brand.

Abimbola Oki

Inspiration behind D’potters Catering
The inspiration came from the feedback I get when I host people; people enjoy my food a lot. I decided to start a business since I was not employed at that time. My husband and I discussed starting a food business and that was how I started fully in 2014 to the glory of God.

What Makes My Business Stand Out
We give value. I ensure that all our meals meet up to the standard that we have set, which is to give tasty and quality meals. We also have great customer service.

What I Hope To Change In The Food Business Sector
I am looking forward to an industry with professionalism and regulated pricing. An industry that will provide more tools to develop my skills and experience and an industry where I can compete with the best without feeling intimidated.

We give a specified time for delivery, trying to make sure we deliver at that time could be challenging, especially with logistics and the state of the economy. The ever-increasing price of food items also makes our customers complain most times. Getting a reliable staff can also be very challenging.

Future Plan For My Business
I am looking at expanding the business to other states and even outside Nigeria, and maybe open a restaurant abroad. It’s a goal I am patiently and strategically working towards.

To Young Women Who Want To Start Food Business
Don’t start a business just because others are making money from it; make sure it’s something you love doing and have long-term plans for. Food business is a serious business.

Three Women Who Inspire Me And Why
Racheal Ray did not have a formal culinary education just like me, but she is now one of the most famous female chefs in the world.

Siba Mtongana has been able to combine her life as a family-oriented woman and work as a celebrity chef and presenter with the support of her husband.

Ngozi Okonjo Iweala has given us a representation of global and national power. She reminds me that I can achieve anything I want to.

To The Nigerian Government
Government should provide basic amenities like good roads, electricity, water, good health care, good schools etc. This will go a long way in helping every individual and businesses.

The Feat Of Relocating To A Bigger Space
I have always dreamt of moving to a bigger space, but I feared the unknown. We were given a quit notice at the former space because they did not want us to use the space for cooking again. We had no choice but to get a new space and we got exactly what we wanted.

It was not easy getting space for cooking or it took us a year to get to this new place. We did some renovations, and it came out perfect. All Glory to God!

Nuggets On How To Be A Sought After Food Vendor
We have been consistent with our principles, which is to give customers value for their money. We treat our customers fairly and we don’t hesitate to apologise when things go wrong. We try to exceed their expectations; this makes them happy to refer us to their friends and families.

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