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Advert Rate
(All our adverts and sponsored posts are free for the year 2023 as available after which these rates will be applicable)

Size Location Amount (per week) Amount (per month)
500 x 85 Right of logo Nxx,000 Nxx,000
300 x 250 Home Page Nxx,000 Nxx,000
728 x 90 Landscape(News & Inside Pages) Nxx,000 Nxx,000
160 x 600 Skyscraper Nxx,000 Nxx,000
Text link (Max. of 25 words) Home Page Nxx,000 Nxx,000
Text link (Max. 25 words) Inside Pages Nxx,000 Nxx,000


  • Artworks should be in JPEG, GIF or SWF formats.
  • Adverts should be pre-paid before publication.
  • Advert materials should be e-mailed to info@fourthleap.com submitted by hand in ZIP, CD, or a flash drive.

We also offer some Other Forms of Advertisement.

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